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Dog Box

  • Dog Box
  • Dog Box
Item Code: Features:Specifications metal dog box welded wire packed in carton quick and easy assembly factory supply
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metal dog box 

  • welded wire 
  • packed in carton 
  • quick and easy assembly 
  • factory supply


The metal dog cage details:

Available in 2 base sizes:

  • 5'Wx10'LX6'H
  • 6'Wx6'Lx4'H
  • or others


Both are available in powder coated or galvanized finish.Modular in design so you can add panels or gates to meet your needs.

  • It is made from metal,so it is more durable.
  • High secured lock systems for more safety.
  • Galvanized metal wire
  • Finish treatment:zinc plating


Available accessories:

  • 5'x10'A Frame top with cover
  • 10'x10'A Frame top with cover
  • 6'x6'A Frame top with cover
  • 5'x10' Shade top
  • 10'x10'Shade top
  • 6'x6'Shade top

New! 5'x10'Welded wire top


Versatile uses:

chicken pen,goat pen, miniture horse corral,bird aviary(with welded wire top),and any other animal you can think of.

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