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Chain link Slide Gates

  • Chain link Slide Gates
  • Chain link Slide Gates
  • Chain link Slide Gates
Item Code: Features:Cantilever gate frames consist of 2-1/2" O.D. horizontal rails, 2" O.D. vertical bracing, and 1-5/8" diagonal bracing; all are welded and galvanized for the longest lasting gate. Chain link is 9ga. 2" mesh (1.2 oz. zinc galvanized after weaving). Gates require no modification in order to add an operator. Please specify direction of slide upon ordering. Gates are fully stretched, including counterbalance.
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Cantilever slide gates eliminate the requirement for ground tracks or overhead support rails, Cantilever gate provide a fast, reliable and efficient method of operating a slide gate for vehicle access.



Our Cantilever slide gates are manufactured from SHS steel section for the gate frame and support frames. Slide gates standard finish is hot-dipped galvanised, however powder coating or two-pack painting is available.


Drive system

The slide gate drive system is selected to suit the application. From light duty commercial motors up to heavy duty speed controlled industrial strength drive units


Features of the drive system include:

• Industrial gearboxes for intensive use.

• Variable speed drive controllers.

• Zinc plated 6mm steel chassis and powder coated cover.

• Internal limit switches.

• IP 66 quality metal enclosures.

• 3 phase drive motors.

• High speed/High torque.

Unique mechanical torque limit on output shaft.

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