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Aluminum Perforated Fencing

  • Aluminum Perforated Fencing
  • Aluminum Perforated Fencing
Item Code: Features:Specification 1.1*2M 2.Thickness :0.3~10mm 3.Hole diameter:1~6mm 4.Open areas:0.3%~63%
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2.Thickness :0.3~10mm 

3.Hole diameter:1~6mm 

4.Open areas:0.3%~63% 


Perforated Metal Fence


1.Material: Aluminum.


2.Uses:be used to civil construction, mechanical device protection, handicraft manufacture, upscale sound heartcover,grain ventilates.


3.Feature: light weight,skid prevention and artistic


4.Shape:long square hole, square hole, round hole,triangle hole, hexagonal hole, the plum blossom hole, ichthyosisthe hole,scale hole and other different kinds of hole,The company can process the different kinds of type accroding the customer order.


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